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APA Format Annotated Bibliography Help

APA Style Annotated Bibliography

correct-apa-format-annotated-bibliographyAPA is a commonly-used citation style. You might encounter it in any social sciences class or professional occasion. So you would think it’d be easy, wouldn’t you? But when you add in annotations, everything gets more complicated. You are a busy person, and you may not have time to sort out all the fiddly little details involved in an annotated bibliography. So what can you possibly do? Reaching out to a professional writer can help immensely.

APA Format Annotated Bibliography Services

APA format annotated bibliography sampleAn annotated bibliography is a complicated task, with many steps. That’s why we provide help with all of them. We begin by offering research assistance. Regardless of what topic you need, we can find the sources to make your bibliography complete. We then provide perfect APA formatting or Chicago format annotated bibliography in everything from your title page down to the tiniest minutia of your citations. Finally, we write, rewrite, or help you write detailed, thorough, concise annotations that answer all the necessary questions. Who, you may be wondering, provides our services?  That would be our team of skilled and adept writers. All of them are hired only after fulfilling our exacting specifications. Our experts possess writing skills, APA knowledge, and a personable manner.

Secrets of Creating a Flawless APA Format Annotated Bibliography

For most social science students or students in the humanities, the understanding of APA style of writing should be an intrinsic path to success with term papers and research work. Referencing helps you organize the list of resources deployed in achieving annotated bibliography and presenting it in APA style is one of the different style options for referencing your bibliography. APA refers to the American Psychological Association (APA) and holds true for helping to study journals and other academic materials in psychology and the social sciences. While the annotated bibliography provides a list of the books, journals, articles cited and a brief summary of each book used in the course of a research work. There are four key aspects of the term paper and they include the title page, abstract page, main body and reference page. Therefore to write a flawless APA annotated bibliography here is some relevant themes to consider:

Dissertation Thesis Research Proposal Coursework Capstone Paper Scientific Article Any Other Assignment

Title page

The title page introduces your research problem and author to the reader. To help make the title page standout, make use of running headings containing the author’s name, the institution of study and page number. In writing the running head, it should be fifty characters or less. It should incorporate the letters, space between words. Also, all titles or letter should be punctuated and be presented in uppercase. Guidelines for the title:

  • It should not be longer than 12 words, fifty characters which include spacing, words, and punctuations.
  • Present the title all in uppercase letters.
  • Place running headline at the upper left corner of all pages.
  • It must contain the main topic and other variables.
  • It has to be easily comprehensible.
  • Avoid ambiguous and verbose words or phrases.
  • Use first name, initials, and last name.
  • No abbreviations of a person’s title or academic qualifications; e.g: Dr.
  • Do not mention more than two schools with listing institutional affiliations.
  • You can make use of your city of residence in the case of not being at the institution as at the time of research.
  • Insert page numbers on all pages from title page but to the upper right corner.
  • Title page running head should be double-spaced and aligned to the left.


The abstract is an abridged version of what the paper is about and usually comes after the title page, it helps give a holistic idea of the paper and should not exceed 250 to 300 words. Guidelines for writing a flawless abstract:

  • Write the main content first and leave the abstract as the last thing after writing the final draft of the research work.
  • The abstract must start on a fresh page after the title page.
  • Include the running head as well as the page number to the upper right hand of the abstract page.
  • Centralize the title: Abstract.
  • Be precise and concise when writing the abstract.
  • It should be a single paragraph without indentation.
  • The abstract should capture an introduction, the methods, results, discussions, and findings of the paper.
  • Get a second opinion, preferably professional one; about your abstract before submission.

Main written content

Within the body of the paper, you present the arguments, facts, and figures with authoritative backing for whatever argument or propositions you put forth. In the course of the work, you can make use of in-text citations, quotation marks to indicate where other author’s opinion comes into play. Guidelines for writing a flawless main content APA style

  • Make use of in-text citations stating the author and year of publication while making references.
  • If citing directly what at author says then you need to put them in quotation marks.
  • Make sure to cover all four important aspects of the main body to include the introduction, methodology, results, and discussion of findings.
  • Make sure to cite only relevant materials and cross-reference them at the end of chapter or work.

Bibliography or Reference

It provides the list of works, journals, online materials, other literary works that you cited to make the research work valid. Guidelines for references:

  • Begin reference on a new page and centralize at the top of the page.
  • List all works in alphabetical order.
  • Use left margins for the first line of each reference and then indent from the second line.
  • Adopt double spaces for each sentence in the reference.
  • All works cited must appear in-text and at the reference section.
  • All book, journals, magazine and newspaper titles must use italics. Though, it varies for single, multiple authors, electronic sources, etc.

Our APA Annotated Bibliography Team

We understand that personality can be just as important as technical competence, so we hire people who combine both. They have all been students, and all of them understand your struggles. You’ll always feel like you’re in great hands with our team. Also, we proofread all our work to ensure that it is perfect and run it through a plagiarism check. You can be certain that your bibliography is flawless with our excellent service.

Annotated Bibliography APA Format Help

great-annotated-bibliography-apa-formatFinding the right bibliography writer, even after you’ve decided to employ one, is such a hassle. That’s why we strive to provide everything that you need. With our annotated bibliography service, you don’t have to go here for the research, there for the citations, and another place for the annotations. Instead, we’re a one-stop shop for annotated bibliographies. We research, format, and write all at once, giving you complete access to a top-quality bibliography for your project. What else could you want?

If you’re struggling with an APA format annotated bibliography, contact us and let us take your worries away.